SkyBridge Realty currently has 120 + units under current management, ranging from condominiums to single family homes to commercial rentals.

Proptery Management

Our professional staff has a variety of expertise that allows us to perform a wide range of services to our clients.  We can handle the day to day service calls, painting, repairs, all the way to a full remodel of a home, condominium or commercial property.



We are on call 24 hours a day to our clients.

Addressing the needs of our clients is our top priority.  We understand both owner and tenants needs and are always looking for the most cost effective way to remain within the budgetary parameters the owners are comfortable with, and handle the issue within a timely manner.


We continue to have and outstanding relationship with all our clients, tenants and vendors.


We are committed to excel in the field of property management and are dedicated to continuing improvement of customer satisfaction.

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SkyBridge Realty, LLC

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