SkyBridge Realty LLC provides brokerage services for those in need of creative financing options.


We have partnered with lenders that specialize in providing a variety of bridge loans, or hard money loans, most often to real estate investors, builders, land owners, and commercial property developers.



Loans are based on value of the real estate or other collateral securing the loan, thus removing many of the roadblocks of traditional lending, as income, credit, employment, etc may be overlooked, as well as foreclosures and bankruptcies.

Loans are typically made for the following purposes:

• Commercial

• Construction

• Land

• Remodeling Projects

• Real Estate Acquisitions (non-single family owner occupied)

• Retail Centers

• Office

Program Details are typically as follows:

• Lending in MA,RI,NH,ME

• Interest only

• Rates between 12-16%

• Funding Fees of 4-10% (Points)

• Loan to Value of up to 50%

• No Credit Report

• Quick Closing

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Please note that all loans are for commercial purposes only and do not fund owner occupied single family home purchases.

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